Toughtags with QR codes

Toughtags and QR codes

*Please note QR codes can only be scanned successfully when all 4 corners of the code are scanned at the same time.  This can make make using QR codes on curved surfaces such as on karabiners difficult.  We’re currently trialling new ways to do this.  Contact us if you would like to test some samples. 

Many businesses use QR codes to help them to identify and manage their equipment inventories*.  QR codes contain unique and specific information and we are able to create and print unique QR codes onto individual Toughtags.  Send us unique serial numbers or codes, or send us business contact details including web address, or something else ? Send us the information you want using our order form and we will turn this into a set of Toughtags with individual tags containing unique information in its unique QR code.

There are lots of QR code reading App’s out there that you can use to read the information in your QR codes.  Some businesses use a free QR code reader to help identify equipment and then manage their equipment using a spreadsheet.  Other businesses are looking to manage equipment including PPE completely digitally through scanning QR codes and recording the equipment inspection directly in the App.  If you’re looking to do this and want some advice then just get in contact.  We’re currently enjoying using this software and are partnering with papertrail.  Get in contact with us or with them if you need more info or some help managing your equipment inspections.

Toughtags and Papertrail

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