Got a question about Tough Tags or looking on how to apply them? Here’s everything you need to know.

Still stuck? Go ahead and get in contact with us.

Toughtags cost £6.55 per sheet and we use this price structure when the text on the Toughtags remains the same (or at least similar).  Every time the text changes significantly and/or the size of Tags changes we usually treat this as a separate order but we’re fairly easy going so just e mail us if you’ve a mixed order and we’ll look to do our best for you.  Various discounts available so just ask if needed.    Minimum order of 3 sheets.  Postage default charged at Royal Mail rates.  VAT currently not applicable.  Contact us if you want us to give you a quote for what you need.

Choose Text Left Aligned if you want to wrap Toughtags around your kit (use this for climbing kit!)

Choose Text Centre Aligned if you want to use the Toughtag as a sticker on a flat surface

The standard size for the tags is 9 cm long. This allows them to be wrapped around most standard climbing gear.  We also print short tags (6 cm long) and long Tags (18cm long)

Text on Standard Tags and Long Tags is usually aligned left so that it can be read after Tags have been wrapped around things.  Text on Small Tags is usually centred as most people use these as stickers and not as wrapped Tags.  We can print text wherever you would like it so any bespoke requests just let us know.

We sell Toughtags by the sheet and minimum order is 3 sheets.  We print 66 Short Tags, 44 Standard Tags or 22 Long Tags to a sheet.

Please contact us to arrange a bulk discount

The standard sizing size allows for 3 lines of text of up to 26 characters per line. We can fit more on if necessary but obviously this means that we’ll have to use a smaller font. We’ll contact you if we think this might be an issue.

As well as being used by climbers and the climbing industry Toughtags can be used for anything requiring a tough waterproof label. Customers have told us they use Toughtags for kid’s lunchboxes, and outdoor play equipment, swimming goggles, electrical equipment as well as in various other industries. Please contact us if you require creative labelling solutions.

* Picky, eh? Want to request a different size of sticker, a non-standard colour or a mixed order? Then please contact us to find out about our bespoke service.

If you’d like to sequence your stickers then please enter the first number/code on the line you’d like. We’ll email you prior to printing if we’re not sure about the sequence.

We aim to make and ship all personal orders and most business orders within 7 working days and ship Toughtags to all parts of the UK and across the world.  When shipping to the UK we usually use Royal Mail First Class service but other options including tracked and signed for services are available.  Choose your preferred shipping option at the checkout.  Contact us if you require further options.

When shipping outside of the UK we recommend shipping using a tracked and signed for service so that we can track all shipments and make sure that they get to you.  You can choose a tracked and signed for shipping option at the checkout.

Have a read of our Toughtags Fact Sheet here and contact us if you’ve still got any questions …https://toughtags.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Toughtags-Fact-Sheet.pdf

If you have ordered from us before then you may have ordered coloured text.  We’ve taken this option out of the shop as we were unhappy with the print quality on some of the coloured text.  We suggest you use black text because we think it looks better but if you really want coloured text on your Toughtags just e mail us and we will print them for you.

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