Welcome to ToughTags

You pay a lot of money for your kit and don’t want to lose it – we can help.

Toughtags are tough, weatherproof, bespoke printed labels that are ideal for attaching to things that are important, need to be labelled and spend most of their time in an outdoor environment. Toughtags use a unique two layer pre-laminated system that means your bespoke text is well protected and waterproof but you don’t get the hassle and mess of having to apply two layers yourself. The coloured base layer has your own personalised printed details on. This can be your name, email address or phone number – anything you like! The top clear layer protects the text and stops it wearing off. Both layers are made of tough, hardwearing, waterproof material and have rounded corners for increased durability.

Toughtags  are brilliant for anything that needs a tough, waterproof label for easy identification. Contact us if you want more info or if you want us to send some samples for you to test.

Jon and Helen Cluett

Chief Taggers!

C U Hex