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Bridge of Orchy Hills

Hello everyone I’m Ben Cluett and I’ve recently got my own drone.  I’ve been practicing taking stunning photos and videos in lots of different places and thought you might like to see my work.  My drone footage has already been used for archaeology, for roof surveys, to look at nature and to take take cool photos and videos.

Mum and dad have allowed me to use this web page to show everyone what I can do and I’m hoping to be able to turn this skill into a small business.  Do you need any drone footage or is there anything I can investigate for you using my drone ?  I am a fully trained and certified to fly my drone (UK Civil Aviation Authority Flyer ID GBR-RP-PP33J7GYQFBH) and dad says he will give me a lift to any job and stay with me while I fly the drone.

If you are interested in my work and what I can do for you please contact me through mum and dad using the contact details on this page.

Drones for roof inspections

I have already used my drone to examine and study roofs for to check for nuisances such as grass and moss blocking gutters as well searching for broken tiles whit the stress and effort of putting up a ladder.

Drones for event photos

My drone can easily be used for taking photos of all your friends and family in a large event as well as getting different angles for the family albums.

Drones for archaeology

I have recently been using my drone more for archaeological studies especially at the graveyard of Old Kilmadock.

Drones footage of your house

Using my drone I can get unique birds eye view of things such as your house or your land

Photos from the website

If you would prefer to just buy some photos that I have already taken we can do that to.

How good is the camera ?

The camera takes still photos at 12 megapixels and videos at 2.7k at 30 fps examples above for photos above.

Can you fly in the wind and rain ?

I can in light rain and wind.

How can I get the pictures ?

The photos can either be sent by email or downloaded by sd card to your computer

How much do you charge ?

I charge around £30 for as many photos as you need

Do you have the correct registration

I have a flyer ID and my dad has

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