Toughtags for Business

Toughtags are used by businesses and other organisations to help monitor and manage their equipment, including helping them to meet health and safety legislative requirements.  In Europe when equipment is used for professional purposes a ‘duty of care’ exists to make sure that the equipment is fit for its purpose, and that it is in full, good working order having been checked regularly by a competent person.  Most business clients use Toughtags as part of this process, to identify specific equipment and evidence that it has been checked by a competent person in accordance with relevant legislation.

Toughtags are currently being used by many businesses of all sizes and we currently ship regularly to every continent (Toughtags have even made it to the Antarctic!).  Current clients are varied and diverse and include large businesses and large organisations including the construction industry, the Environment Agency and

For business and bulk orders download this form and e mail to us at

Fire and Rescue Services (UK), Armed Forces (UK and other), medium size businesses including indoor climbing walls, the film and media industry and other adventurous activity providers and small businesses including sole traders who just want to correctly manage their equipment.

Want to make a business order?  Most of our business clients prefer to order by downloading the order form and e mailing it to us.  We will confirm details and provide a quote before completing any order. More information on how Toughtags can help business with their health and safety legislative requirements available here.  Need anything else just get in contact.

  • Toughtags for climbing and working at height
  • Tougher Toughtags for extreme conditions
  • Toughtags with business logos
  • Toughtags with sequenced numbers and codes
  • Toughtags for sound and audiovisual equipment
  • Toughtags for TV, film and media
  • Toughtags for camera kit
  • Toughtags for IT and asset management
  • Toughtags for tools
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