Toughtags for Sound and Audiovisual equipment

Toughtags are perfect for labelling all your audio visual kit.  The Tags will help you keep track of all your kit including cables, mics, stands, cameras, laptops and everything else.  Toughtags are obvious and allow your kit to be easily returned to you if it gets lost, left lying around or borrowed! So, if you’re on site, in the studio or working as part of a team in remote locations use Toughtags to ensure that your kit is easy to identify and can be returned to you.

TV, Sound and Electrical equipment

Toughtags are now being used by many people working in these industries.  Use them on personal kit or to help with asset management of your business equipment.  Add an e mail or a phone number, add a sequential number or code or add a QR code to help manage your gear.  Use them as stickers on flat surfaces or wrap around equipment such as cables.

What size works best ?

Standard Tags (9 cm long) and Long Tag (18 cam long) are usually used to wrap around equipment such as cables etc.  Text on Standard Tags and Long Tags is usually aligned left so that it can be read after Tags have been wrapped.

Small Tags are usually used as stickers and Text is usually centred.  We can print text wherever you would would like it so any bespoke requests just let us know.

We sell Toughtags by the sheet and minimum order is 2 sheets.  We print 66 Short Tags, 44 Standard Tags or 22 Long Tags to a sheet.

Can I add a logo or QR code ?

Yes, no problem at all.  We only print in black ink so we will need a black and white copy of any logo / image.

Some of our clients use QR codes to help manage their assets.  We can make and  print QR codes onto Toughtags for you.

Neither of these options are available from our standard shopping cart so if you require either of these options then  just send us an e mail

Will they work outside ?

Yes.  Toughtags were originally created to work on climbing and mountaineering gear and work well outside.  Clients have used them outside in conditions ranging from extreme cold to extreme hot and from extreme dry to extreme wet and just about everything in between.  We expect them to work well for you wherever you need to use them.

Are they tamper-proof ?

Toughtags are tough, weatherproof and very durable.  They are difficult to remove but can eventually be removed for example with a knife and a bit of hard work.

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