Tougher Toughtags for Extreme Conditions

Tougher Toughtags have been designed for clients who work in very hostile and harsh environments, and clients who use their kit more intensively than in most commercial or personal applications.  Toughtags are made Tougher by applying an extra clear laminate over an existing Toughtag.  This extra clear laminate is made out of different material and when heated gently will ‘heat shrink’ over the existing Toughtag providing an extremely Tough, Tougher Toughtag that remains completely legible.  In some cases these Tougher Toughtags have outlasted the use of the equipment they have Tagged!

To create Tougher Toughtags apply the extra clear laminate over an existing Toughtag.  Heat gently for example using a hairdryer for 10-20 seconds until you notice the clear laminate ‘heat shrink’ over the existing Toughtag.

33 Tougher Toughtag laminates to a sheet. Cost is £5.45 per sheet

If you would like to buy Tougher Toughtag laminates or would just like to try some samples just get in contact. 

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