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Toughtags are being used by lots of trades people to label tools and equipment.  People use them to label hand tools, power tools and accessories such as spare batteries, equipment including electronics, surveying  kit and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and kit that has multiple parts that all need to be stored together!

Ideal for just about every other bit of personal kit that might be taken onto a construction site! Use Toughtags to identify your tools from your friends or work colleagues and to make sure that all your kit comes home with you at the end of the day.  Ideal for business.  Use Toughtags as a business to easily identify any business equipment and tools and use them as part of your asset management system.

Tired of having to sort your work kit at the end of the day and trying to work out whose tools belong to who ?  stick a Toughtag on it.  . Problem solved! 

Order now through the web shop or download and complete the order from and send it back to us.

Perfect for...

  • Shoes and trainers
  • Bikes, helmets and other sports accessories
  • Hockey sticks and tennis rackets
  • Stationary
  • Uniform and outdoor clothing
  • + anything else you can think of!

About Our Tags

All our tags are made from high-quality laminate which is designed to stick to anything you need it to for years. Some of our tags are still going strong after being stuck to ice axes for 5+ years.

We’re also based in the UK. We’re a small, family-run business based in Scotland. This means if you have any questions, please just pick up the phone and we’ll be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they really Tough enough for Tools ?

Toughtags work well on tools and on this kit.  They have been well tested by Trades people but if you’re unsure nd want to try some just contact us and we will send you some samples to try.

Can I use them to label my Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Yes. Toughtags work great for this and lots of people use them to manage their PPE.  Check out this fact sheet for information that might be useful when labelling PPE with Toughtags https://www.toughtags.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Toughtags-Fact-Sheet-Oct-2019-.pdf

Are Toughtags Tamper proof ?

No. Tags that are rated as Tamper-proof are designed so that they cannot ever be removed and are used to stop theft.  Toughtags are not rated as tamper proof and eventually they can be removed usually with some effort!  Toughtags won’t stop theft but they will help you get things back that get left lost and lying around.

Can I buy different colours for people ?

Yes, great idea and no problem at all.  Some people manage their kit by tagging with different colours and details for different people.  Works great to easily identify different peoples kit on busy sites.  If you want different colours and details then best way to order would be to complete this business order form and return to us – or just contact us if you need more info. https://www.toughtags.co.uk/products/business/

Can I use Toughtags for my equipment inspections ?

Yes, great idea.  Lots of people using Toughtags to help with asset management in their businesses and lots of people using them in the inspection process.  Toughtags used by lots of large businesses in the inspection of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and for other inspections including LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations)

What about work IT kit ?

Yes.  Toughtags will work great on IT kit.  All our laptops, phones, Ipads are tagged along with cables and chargers.  Toughtags are great for sorting out any arguments for which charger belong to which person!

What do they cost?

We aim for Toughtags to be as flexible and affordable as possible. To facilitate this, you are able to order as few as 2 sheets of tags for just £14.95. If you need more tags the cost simply increases with each sheet of tags. Simple, right?

What about delivery?

We deliver our tags all over the world. For this we use Royal Mail. If you are in the UK this is £1.90 or £4 signed. If you live elsewhere in the world, our checkout will simply tell you what the postage cost is when you enter your address.

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