Toughtags for the family!

Toughtags are being used by lots of families to label family kit including shoes, sports kit, water bottles, lunch boxes and just about everything else that comes with family life!

Ideal for labelling all of those bits and pieces that children take to school, bags, stationary, sports kit and equipment, shoes, clothes and anything else that you can think of.  Toughtags can help make sure that all the things that go to school actually also come home at the end of the day!

Just get in contact if you want more ideas on where they might be useful or i you want to try some samples.

Do they work on clothes ?

Toughtags seem to work really well on clothes, and in shoes.  We’ve found that they work best either stuck flat such as on the inside of shoes, or through an existing clothes labels, or wrapped around the handles and straps of luggage and rucksacks.

Can I put them through the washing machine ?

Yes, no problem.  Ours go through the washing machine often and still won’t come off!  Give them a try

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